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A 4-Pack of Delicious Blueberry Honey Sticks.

Honey Sticks - Blueberry Flavored (4 pack)

  • Our Blueberry Honey Sticks are made with pure, raw, unadulterated,

    undiluted wildflower honey and Blueberry flavoring.  


    Great for adding to your coffee or tea, drizzled over biscuits and breads or squeezed right from the straw to the tastebuds of your mouth, there is simply no wrong way to enjoy this sugary, but healthy snack. 


    Honey sticks are also convenient for when you're on the go, need a energy boost or just have a hankering for a sweet treat! 


    • 100% Raw, Pure, Unfiltered California Wildflower Honey with added Flavoring
    • Healthy Energy - Only 15 Calories per Stick! Our Raw Honey is a 100% Natural, Whole Food
    • Good Source of Vitamins & Minerals
    • No Mess Packaging - Easy to Open - Excellent for Kids, Travel, Hiking, Outdoors
    • Each Stick is 6.5 in (17 cm) Long
    • Net Wt. (1 tsp per stick)
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