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Bee Rescue, Bee Removal, Bee Proofing & Repairs

At Bee Wranglers, we understand the frustration and nervousness of having an infestation of insects in or around your home. For that reason we take pride in doing whatever we can to quickly, informatively and safely remove the bees on your property. 

Beyond that, we want to ensure that once we have finished relocating or removing the bees, their hive elements like comb and honey along with performing any necessary repairs, that we eradicate any scent left behind and seal up the hole or cavity to prevent future infestations. Leaving any comb or honey within the structure or at the location of the hive can cause structural damage to the walls, wood, stucco and drywall or will attract other bees, insects and rodents. 

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, do the job right, and leave you with peace of mind!

Feel free to call us anytime if you have concerns regarding bees in or around your property | 951-534-0015

Bee Swarms

Bee Swarm


If you see a large group of bees huddled together, its likely a Bee Swarm searching for a new home.


Swarms will usually move on within a day or two, but if there are safety concerns, due to the location they have landed on, or pets/humans with allergies to insect stings it may be best to have the swarm professionally removed.

We can help! We will safely remove the bees and relocate them to a hive at one of our apiaries.

Interior Bee Hives

Removal of Hives within Residential and Commercial Buildings including Repairs

If bees are entering and exiting through a small hole or opening in a tree, home or structure, it's likely they are hard at work building a thriving colony within. 

This is a common occurrence in homes or commercial buildings in which bees build a hive in the cavities of a wall or the roof of a building. Other locations include attics, sheds, brick walls, fences, trees, in-ground irrigation boxes, even outdoor furniture.

We can locate the hive, open the structure, safely remove the bees and their hive elements (comb and honey), perform repairs and seal or treat the area to prevent further insect infestations.

Exterior Bee Hives

Removal of Hives built in an open or visible area

In some cases, bees will build a hive on a tree branch or in a bush. Other popular locations include the eave of a roof or in the recessed area of a exterior wall or window.

Hive Removals in these circumstances require safely removing the bees, removing the comb and honey and treating or sealing the area to prevent the scent left behind from attracting more bees.

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