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8 ounces of pure raw honey with real Habanero flavoring in a glass jar. Feel the Sting!




Pure & Natural Raw Honey with Habanero - 8oz Glass Jar

  • - Delicious wildflower honey with real Habanero flavoring - absolutely no artificial colors or flavors

    - Light to Medium in color

    - Unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized

    - Our honey is strained rather than filtered so it may contain some

       small amounts of desirable pollen and wax


    Dennis & Sons Bee Wranglers Raw and Unfiltered Honey is Made by California Bees and comes straight from our hives - just as nature intended



    Pure raw honey can crystallize over time. If this occurs, simply place

    honey bottle in warm water to bring it back to its natural form.
    Never microwave pure honey, as this causes a loss to the desirable

    Raw honey can be stored indefinitely, at room temperature.

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